Being a good adult

Sometimes I feel that I am failing at the whole ‘being a good adult’ thing. I look around at my house and its messy, the washing hasn’t been folded, and the bed hasn’t been made. As I look around my house I often thing, what would my mum say if she saw my house like this. Well, to be honest she probably wouldn’t be that surprised lol

Growing up I was never the most tidy person in the world and making my bed and tidying my room was always such an effort. I thought I would do better as an adult and when I had my own house, but no, I was wrong. I should probably clear up one thing though, my house is untidy but I try to keep it as clean as possible. I sweep and vacuum the floors regularly, I make sure there are no dirty bowls and plates lying around and just this weekend I scrubbed the shower and bathroom. The same can’t be said for my partner though. There is often a collection of plates and mugs by his computer. I am not a fan of this. But things are more untidy than dirty, clean washing folded but left of the sofa or left in the washing basket waiting to be folded, piles of shoes in the hall that should go in the wardrobe, piles of paperwork on the kitchen table that should be filed. I look at these sorts of jobs and think – I really can’t be bothered.

I am the worst for paying bills on time. I have the money in my account and can afford to pay them, I put the bill on the kitchen bench to remind me to pay it in enough time. But I never seems to happen. I’ll think to myself – I should probably pay that today…… and then I can’t be bothered. Are we sensing a theme yet. Then when I can be bothered its usually on the day its due or just after. I always tell myself I’m going to better next month or next bill. It hasn’t happened yet. Thank goodness my mortgage is direct debit or I might get myself into some trouble.

I was impressed with myself yesterday, my fuel light wasn’t on and I stopped to get fuel. Mainly because it was insanely cheap. Usually I’m driving home from work thinking, I really should stop and get fuel. Then I can’t be bothered and continue past the petrol station. What is wrong with me…. why am I so bad at being an adult? Is it just me, or are there other people out there sucking at being an adult.

2016 is still young. I think I need to set myself some goals for the year!





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