TV Binge Watching


After re reading through my previous post about being a good adult, I realised that there was a common theme of “I can’t be bothered” and that made me think. Why can’t I be bothered to do these things? Is it because they’re boring or I don’t like doing them. If I’m being honest I would have to say yes to both. But I think the main reason (as I’m sure it is with most people) I would rather be doing something else. And what is that something else….. TV show binging. Yep extremely sad, but also extremely true. I’m going through a rather large TV binge faze at the moment. I find myself doing it a lot at the moment (which is why I clearly suck at being an adult) I can’t just sit and watch one episode of something, 2 episodes is an absolute minimum each sitting. Several weeks ago summer hit hard here, several days over 40C and other days in the high 30Cs. Perfect TV binge watching weather, I am lucky enough to have refrigerated aircon in my house. So I closed all the doors, windows and blinds, turned the aircon and the TV on, sat on the sofa and didn’t move for pretty much the whole day. It was wonderful. Is it just me who does this? Surely not??


My all time favourite shows to binge watch….


The West Wing – quite possibly my favourite show of all time. Which I actually find rather strange, I live in Australia and I know nothing about American politics. But with this show, I found it didn’t matter. I must admit that some episodes were confusing and I wasn’t sure what was going on with the politics in some episodes but I found the characters, the overall story line and tone of the show was so wonderful that I didn’t need to fully understand each political conversation. I would have loved to watched many more seasons but I think ended at the right time and in the right way. I want to be C.J when I grow up.


Gilmore Girls – I love this show. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s my go to show when I just feel like watching a few episodes of something and I don’t feel like getting into something new. I have a watched it from start to finish about 3 times. It is also my ‘sick’ show. If I’m home from work sick or not feeling well on a weekend, I’ll curl up on the sofa or in bed, pick a random season and disc and just start watching. It’s such a wonderful show I love everything about it. I wish I lived in Stars Hollow.


Friends – A show I have been watching for years. It started when I was in high school and I remember watching it on TV once a week and really liked it. But I wasn’t until I go older when I really started to fall in love with it. I don’t actually own the full series on DVD but I’ve watched every episode because it’s always on TV. I associate watching Friends with living in London. While I was living there it was constantly on TV, like every day,  5-6 or even more episodes were on per day. I worked in the evenings at theatre, so I was often home during the day. I would turn the TV when I got out of bed just to have some noise in the flat. One of the flats I lived in was on a busy road, so having the TV on helped to drown out the busy road noise. Once I’d had breakfast and done a bit of housework I would sit down to watch “an episode” 4 episodes later I would get up off the sofa, shower and start my day!


Downton Abbey– Another show that reminds me of living in London as I was living there when the show first aired. I fell in love with this show within the first 5mins. I love British costume dramas either TV or movies I just love them. Everything about Downton is perfect, the writing, the costumes, the beautiful locations everything! I don’t think I have cried so much while watching a TV show in my life. This show had some truly tragic moments. But that is also what made it so wonderful as it was so real and believable. I think if every single character survived the First World War and Spanish Flu the show would have lost something, no character was safe and that is what made is so real. The final season hasn’t aired in Australia but I have seen it. I loved the season finale Christmas Special, everything came to an end in just the right way.


They are just a few of my absolute favourite shows. I have binged watched many more. Other shows include Dr Who, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, The Flash, Sherlock and Torchwood.


Always looking for new show suggestions 🙂





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