I need to read more….. Books!!

I really love to read, I do. I love reading magazines, websites, blogs, Harry Potter…..

One big thing is missing from that list. Books, I don’t read enough books. One of my favourite stores to visit when I go shopping is a book store. I love the smell of books and I love browsing up and down the shelves. I pick up a few books to read the back and then I put them down and walk out? Why is that, well probably because I know that I’m not going to read anything I buy. Well that is going to change, starting now!

For Christmas I received a $100 gift card from Dymocks so I thought it was the perfect chance to purchase some great new books. I went into my spare room and had a look at my bookshelves to see what I already had and it was rather sad. I have 10 times more DVDs than books and when I looked closer at my books I noticed a bit of a theme. See for yourself…


IMG_3475 (2)

IMG_3476 (2)

Pink ‘girly’ romantic books and Harry Potter. That is pretty much all I own when it comes to books. This had to change. So with my gift voucher in my hand I logged on to Dymocks online to see what I could find.

Ever since I worked a summer at Hampton Court Palace , medieval British history has really interested me. A lot of the staff at the Palace were talking about Philippa Gregory‘s wonderful historical fiction books. I think she even did a book reading in the Great Hall while I was there. Several of her books have been made into movies, for example The Other Boleyn Girl and The White Queen. I have seen both of these and loved them. So I wanted to read one of her books where the story was new to me. I settled on The Lady of the Rivers which is part of the Cousins’ War series. I’m super excited to get started on this one when my order arrives.


I love Downton Abbey… love love love it. You can read about my TV Binge watching it here. One of the things I love about the show is the amazing writing. So while scrolling through the Dymocks website I came across a book called Snobs, written by Downton Abbey creator, Julian Fellowes. Well I simply had to get it! Looking forward to discovering what its all about.


The third book I bought was The Hobbit. I have seen all the movies and loved them, as well as all three Lord of the Rings movies. I have tried, several times to read The Lord of the Rings, but I struggled getting into them. I just found it extremely tough going and I struggled to hold my focus as I was reading, which is a shame because I love the movies. I decided I would start with The Hobbit. Its a much smaller book and a lot of friends and family read it when they were in school, so I’m hoping it wont be too difficult to read. It should also get me used to the style of Tolkien’s writing so one day I will be able to get through all three Lord of the Rings books.



It may only be three books but its a start and I can’t wait until they arrive, now to decided which to read first. When I’ve finished one I’ll write a little review on here, a bit of motivation for me to stick with it. I really do need to read more books, hopefully this will give me the incentive to do so!




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