A little tour of my garden!

In the spring of last year I finally decided it was time to put in a garden in my backyard. I built my home two years ago and for the last two years its just been sand, leaves and left over builders rubbish out the back. After much discussion with my partner and my parents we made a plan and started researching different ideas and what might work in such a small space. I knew what I wanted but now we had to decided how to do it. We were working with a small budget, so hiring a landscaper was out of the question. This was something we had to do ourselves. So we did. I had taken two weeks off work, not just to do the garden, but it sure did help! My parents and I made several trips out to Bunnings for various things midweek it was wonderful, far less crowded than on weekends 🙂

So, this is what we started with….





After several long and tiring days, I was super happy with the outcome.




We wanted to plant a lot of edible plants, so we have several fruit trees, including Lemon, Lime, Orange, Apple and Nectarines. We planted dwarf trees as they grow to a very manageable size. Plus the apples and nectarines have super pretty pink and white blossoms in the spring, I can’t wait until spring when they start to flower again!. We mainly planted these in the ground (except the lemon tree which is in the middle tub) and left the tubs for smaller plants and herbs. We planted blueberries and strawberries in the middle tub and even though I think its a bit hot here for the blueberries, the strawberries are doing wonderful things. I’ve already managed to pick lots of yummy strawberries.




Look at my strawberries!! I was so impressed with myself, I wasn’t expecting so many strawberries so quickly after planting. But I wasn’t complaining, I was having fresh strawberries on my cereal several times a week. They tasted so much better than shop bought berries that’s for sure.

During the rest of spring and beginning of summer my garden was growing wonderfully. However, then the Perth summer hit and it started to suffer. I’ve had to put shade cloth up to protect the strawberries and blueberries. The leaves on the plants started to burn and the fruit was ruined. Perth is in the middle of a heatwave at the moment, the next 3 days are all forecast to be 40C or higher. My poor garden 😦

I am slightly confused at how my nectarines are going. Both planted at the same time, one seems to be thriving and the other not so much.

One nectarine looking fabulous…..

IMG_3452 (2)

and the other, looking rather sad.




What have I done???? Why is it dying??? The only thing I can think of is that it gets an hour or so more direct afternoon sunlight than the other. I’ve been watering it the same as the other I’ve be using SeaSol. I don’t get it?


“And my garden thrives- You should see my nectarines” – Into the Woods.

Sadly, not in my case! 😦




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