Valentines Day Cupcakes

Last year I decided to make a batch of cupcakes and decorate them for Valentine’s Day and take them into work. I was super happy with how they turned out so I dusted off my DSLR camera and tried my hand at a little mini photo shoot. I wasn’t as happy with the photos though. I still need to work on my styling and overall photography skills.


I was going to post the recipe to go along with these pics, but I’m not 100% what recipe I used! I know it was an oil based recipe, but I can’t remember the exact one I used. Oil based recipes are my absolute favourite when it comes to cakes and cupcakes, I was introduced to them by my friend Sarah you can also ready about my love of all things cupcake here.

Here are the pictures though!






I decorated these with a buttercream frosting and store bought milk chocolate hearts. This year I plan on making more Valentines Day cupcakes – and sharing the recipe on here, so be sure to check back later in the week!

Instead of using shop bought decorations I decided to make my own this year. I’ve already made the fondant hearts and in a day or so I’ll make batter (It needs to be made the day before baking) then bake the cupcakes. Baking generally takes a few days with me 🙂


So be sure to pop by my blog again towards the end of the week to see this years Valentines Day Cupcakes – Complete with the recipe!





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