Online Shopping and my obsession with Peter Alexander PJs…

I have recently discovered the joy that is on-line shopping. Now I realise I might be a little late to the party. But I have always been so hesitant to buy clothes on-line with out being able to try them on. Is it just me, or does everyone else has several different sized clothes in their wardrobe – that all still fit! (we all have that one item of clothing we bought, thinking, I’ll fit into it when a drop a few kgs – then never do!) Right now I know I have at least 3 different sized clothes in my wardrobe. I have my super comfy size 10 shorts, my size 12 denim jeans and my size 14 black work pants. Buying clothes on-line was probably not going to work for me.

But as I discovered recently you can by all kinds of fabulous things on-line and the best part is you don’t need to try them on. I received  Dymocks gift card recently and because its been ages since I actually bought or read a book, I decided I would do some research on their website first.After saving a few books to my shopping cart, mainly as a way of remembering what I wanted, I thought why go the effort of going into the store when I can just buy them now! You can read about my purchases here. The best thing about it was sitting at home, on my sofa wearing my pjs. I didn’t have leave my house, go to the shop, find a carpark and actually go into the store. I can’t believe I have been shopping the old fashioned way for so long! It seems like such an effort compared to shopping on-line.

Boxing Day sales – *shudders* Up until recently shopping centres in Perth remained closed on Boxing Day (in fact all public holidays and Sundays) but things have changed and now everything is open pretty much all the time, which is both good and bad, but that is a discussion for another day. Several years ago I found myself at a Westfield Shopping Centre on Boxing Day, I was there to see The Hobbit with my cousin, and I must say it was not enjoyable. The movie was, but the whole atmosphere at the shopping centre was not. It took us around half an hour to find somewhere to park, the carpark was crazy, people were parked on the verge, on the footpath, pretty much anywhere they could. It didn’t get any better once we finally made it inside. People are RUDE. There was so much pushing and shoving to get to things on the shelves, and the few times I made the effort to join/brave the crowds at the sales bin, the items weren’t that great or even that cheap. So to cut a long story short, I am not a fan of Boxing Day sales. This year, I had absolutely no desire to go anywhere near a shopping centre on Boxing Day, but there were a few sales I wanted to check out from my favourite brands. I hopped on to the Peter Alexander website and began shopping. I wasn’t looking for me (although I wasn’t going to pass up a super cute pair of pjs on special if I really like it) I was after some gifts. I don’t really need any more PJs from P.A.

Just off the top of my head I have pjs from several different collections

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Frozen

Ok so I’m slightly obsessed with Disney but look how cute they are!!

Cinderella  Snow White qoh frozen


  • Wonder Woman
  • London
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Wizard of Oz

I’m sure I have more.

I was super happy with my purchases in the Boxing Day sales, which I made from the comfort of my own home, wearing my comfy P.A pjs. I picked up a floral pj set for my mums birthday and some Freddy Krueger pj pants for my boyfriend. Shopping success and all from the comfort of my own home.

As I’m writing this post I also have the Kitchenware Direct webiste open and I’m happily adding things to my cart. At the moment I have several different cake decorating items in there and its filling up rather quickly. One thing about on-line shopping, it is SO easy to over spend. I’m finding myself going “Ooo thats nice *add to cart*” rather a lot. Might have to do some culling before I click the Proceed to Check out button! The bills that are on my kitchen bench right now aren’t going to pay themselves.

Once I’m finished on the kitchen website, I might have to pop on over to The Body Shop as I really need/want some more body butter. Hmmm I’m getting rather good at on-line shopping, this could be dangerous……

Now that I’ve discovered the joy that is on-line shopping, anyone have any on-line stores they can recommend?!?


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