Donuts and Cronuts, oh my!

On Wednesday night my good friend Sarah and I attended a donuts and cronuts baking class at Sweet Artist Academy. It’s been a while since I last went to a baking class, but Sarah is a baking/cooking class expert, having attended several classes at Sweet Artist Academy and various other courses around town, I was in good hands. A few years ago we attended a pastry making course together and I failed spectacularly. Ok, so there might not have been any official grading, but for the week we were meant to make rough pastry, I made a biscuit – a rock hard biscuit. Sarah however made this. So  needless to say I was slightly nervous at the idea of making Cronuts.


After an epic drive from south of the river all the way north to Joondalup, in peak hour traffic, we arrived ready and raring to get our bake on. The class started at 6pm and was to finish at 9pm, we ended up finishing after 9.30pm, but time certainly didn’t drag. We were constantly busy either measuring out ingredients, hitting and rolling out the butter (so much fun!) rolling the dough or frying the donuts in oil. So much to do, so little time but so much fun.

I was super happy with the results, especially after my rough puff pastry disaster.




We ended up coating half our donuts and cronuts with chocolate ganache and half with cinnamon sugar. I must say that even though we were both exhausted and it was well after 9pm on a school night, we simply couldn’t say no to eating a freshly cooked donut covered in cinnamon sugar – I could easily have eaten all of them.


If I wasn’t already super impressed with our baking skills with the donuts, check out our cronuts!


How good do they look. I couldn’t believe how amazingly well they turned out – I mean look at those layers!!! Plus they tasted AMAZING.



We were given a recipe book to take home with us in case we wanted to make these again. I might try and make them again, one day. They aren’t too difficult to make, just a bit time consuming, mainly because the dough has to sit and rest in between rolling and folding (for the cronuts) and you need to prove the dough for the donuts. All of this takes time, if I do decide to give these another go, I will have to make sure I have plenty of time up my sleeve. You can’t rush the process or your donuts and cronuts just won’t work.


Sorry about the random look of the photos in this post. I didn’t get home from the class until almost midnight, I tried to take a few quick pictures the next morning before work but wasn’t very happy with them. I took a few more when I got home and tried some different coloured back grounds. Not really loving the lack of theme and continuity with the photos, but oh well. Better luck next time.




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