March Re-Cap

So here we are at the end of March already, I can’t believe how quickly this year is going. Some times It feels like January was only a week or two away. I for one am super glad its not January, mainly because I don’t think I could go through summer again. Summer in Perth is getting far too hot, so  I’m really happy that things have well and truly started to cool down now that we’re in Autumn.

Now that the weather is cooling down it got me thinking about wearing scarves again, I do love wearing a bright coloured scarf during the cooler months. If you missed my post about scarves you can read it here.



During March I did a little bit baking and tried to expand my decorating skills using fondant. Up until recently I had been using fondant cutters to cut out shapes such as stars and love hearts to decorate my cupcakes. This month I decided to go ‘free hand’ and I made some cute little fondant carrots to top my carrot cake cupcakes. Starting small was a good idea, as it turns out shaping fondant is a lot more difficult than what you might think, I was getting tired and towards the end my carrots looked a lot like golf tees!



Last month I went to an Envy Jewellery party and made some purchases, and they arrived this month. I love my new necklace so much! K for Kelly and B for Ben… nawww. You can change the charms that go inside the circle. I’m hosting a party in May, so I will be sure to buy some more 🙂


In super exciting news this month, I finally bought a table lamp for my living room. I bet you’re glad you’re reading this post today – Kelly buys a new lamp, how exciting 😛 It is exciting for me as my last lamp broke well over a year ago. Since then I have been using the over head light which was getting really annoying as it can sometimes be too bright when you’re watching TV. Loving my new lamp, loving the fact it was on sale, not loving the fact the LED globe cost more than the lamp…….


This year March meant Easter!! I was really happy about this as I have an April birthday and for the last few years my birthday has fallen over the Easter long weekend, this year it was so nice to have Easter in a completely different month. That hasn’t happened for years. Even though Ben and I didn’t give each other any Easter eggs, and my parents have stopped giving out eggs, I still managed to eat A LOT of chocolate over the weekend. My nephews did pretty well too, this was their haul just from my parents, aunty and grand parents. I’m sure they had a stack more at home….




My food photography skills on my DSLR aren’t really improving and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I really feel I need to invest in a tripod. I think I’m doing ok with styling the photo and the angles, but the lighting element of photography is something that I’m really struggling with. I hope that once I have a tripod I can change my shutter speed to let in more light and the tripod will hold the camera steady for me. That’s the plan anyway. These are some of the pics I took this month.


Thanks for stopping and for reading my March re-cap. As you can see a rather random month, nothing too exciting (well a part from the new lamp) just a nice chilled month which has been lovely. I’m super excited for April, its my birthday (YAY) I have a few days booked off work, I have a friends 30th birthday to go and several other fun things to look forward too. I’ll be sure to re-cap it all for you at the end of the month.







Top Three Tuesday


Hello friends, and welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday.

The four day weekend has completely thrown me this week and Tuesday seems to have caught me completely by surprise. As I write this, Tuesday is almost over, however if you’re reading in another part of the world Tuesday is just beginning, and that means I’m on time!! But hey, I’m not complaining – its a four day working week this week.

  1. Easter Card

We had a busy Easter Sunday. We started at Ben’s sisters house for brunch and then made our way down to my parents house for lunch. All I did for the day was eat….. My brother and his family were there and my nephews had made Easter cards for everyone. My 8 year old nephew gave Ben and I the cutest little card he made himself. I loved it 🙂

2. AFL

The 2016 AFL season is under way with round one starting over the Easter weekend. I have been following football since I was in high school and I’ve always had the one team. My team is the mighty West Coast Eagles. The Eagles had a great start to the season with an awesome win over Brisbane in round 1, lets hope they can get another win under their belts in round 2.



3. Our Queen at Ninety

I love the British Royal Family. I always have and I think I always will. I was born and raised in Australia, but my mother and her family are from the UK. I think that is why I have such soft spot for them. Now I’m not going to get into any kind of debate about if Australia should become a republic or not, I just wanted to say that I think Her Majesty, The Queen is an amazing woman, the longest reigning monarch in history – impressive! Over the weekend I watched the ITV documentary, Our Queen at ninety, that was filmed in honour of her 90th birthday. You may not like her, or you may think royal families are out dated, but you cannot deny what she has done, she has dedicated her life to her country and the Commonwealth.



Thanks for stopping by to check out my Top Three Tuesday. I will try and be more organised next week and get my post up earlier.





Lets fold scarves…..

Several weeks ago I posted about how I miss having a proper UK cold winter now that I’m back living in my home town of Perth, Western Australia. Over the past 24 hours Perth has had some lovely stormy, wet weather, which has made me think of the awesomely cold winters I had London. One of the main reasons I miss winter is because I love coats!! You can read about my love of coats here. If you’re wearing a coat, its generally cold enough to wear a scarf too. While it does get cool enough here to wear scarves, I don’t wear or own anywhere near as many as I did when I lived in London. Even in the middle of UK summer, I would always have a thin scarf screwed up in the bottom of my bag for those rather chilly British summer days.

I love colour, and during winter I used to hate seeing people wearing a black scarf, with a black jacket to me that just screaming BORING!! I always tried to wear bright colours, the weather in London was  dark and depressing enough without adding boring black to the every day wardrobe. If I was wearing a black coat, I always made sure I had on a bright scarf or sometimes if I had on either my pink or purple coats I felt it was ok to wear a dark coloured scarf. It somehow made a dull winters day more cheery.

Here are some of my many London scarves.


Black coat – Light pink scarf. Notice the daffodils? The middle of spring and I’m wearing a coat and scarf – I don’t miss that element of the British climate!


Grey coat and my trusty light pink scarf (and super warm pink fluffy hat)  I was freezing my bottom off in this pic!

392660_10150939263970697_530795517_n (1)

My all time favourite light pink trench coat meant it was OK to wear a black scarf (according to me :P)



Purple coat – White scarf. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this scarf, it was so long and soooooo warm. I think I have it wrapped around at least twice in this pic



Grey cardigan – Pink scarf.I think it was close to summer in this pic, but still cool enough for a thin scarf.



Purple jacket, Pink jumper – Pink and purple scarf. Colour coordination 😛



Compared to winter in the UK, winter in Western Australia is extremely mild and as a result there are a lot more thin, light weight scarves in the shop. I really don’t need any more, but here are some super cute ones I’ve seen in stores at the moment.


228057_back_s (1)


Butterfly Bright



Textured Diamond



Soft Floral Print



Rose Gold Bird Print


So many scarves, so little cool weather to wear them!

I think we still have a few more weeks of warm weather to go until we reach the cooler, winter temperatures. Maximums in the 20c’s rather than the 40c’s. Definitely not coat weather, but I will be sure to wear a scarf or two 🙂





Gotta love Romy and Michele 🙂