If only we had winter here.

Summer in Australia is over, thank god, I don’t think I could do any more 40C days and 30C nights right now! Now that we’re in March its officially Autumn. Although someone has forgotten to tell the weather that, its going to be 35C next week šŸ˜¦

I am so over summer and completely ready for winter, although we don’t actually get a real winter here in Perth. We get a few months that are slightly cool then its back to summer again in about September. I really love winter, but not Perth’s version of winter.When I lived in London, they had three of their coldest winters on record, and the first winter I was there they had the most snowfall in 50 years. I had only been in the country a week when the snow pretty much shut down all of London. It was freezing cold but it was wonderful. Sure it meansĀ you had to wear several pairs of sock, tights under your jeans, several layers of T-Shirts, jumpers and coats – but look how pretty it was…

window snow
The view from my window looking at my first snow in London
Turnham Green – Looking very white!
Turnham Green Church


I mean come on! How pretty does all that snow look, it looks like an actual winter. Not the 21C sunny days we call winter here!

I bought SOO many coats and jackets while I was living in London and I made sure they were bright pretty colours. Everyone was always wearing black, grey or navy which just screams cold and boring. I always went for a colour in my coats andĀ also in my scarves and boots, not a lot of boring black in my winter wardrobe. Two of my favourites were my bright pink coat from NextĀ and my awesome purple coat fromĀ Apricot Clothing. They are both over 5 years old now, but I still love them!





And because sometimes you need a basic black coat in your wardrobe, I had this awesomely warm black coat fromĀ Zara


When I moved over to the UK I took my “Perth Winter” clothes with me. One of them was my all time, hands down, favourite pink coat. I loved this coat so much, but it was thin and it wasn’t lined. So my favourite pink winter coat actually became my “London Spring/Summer” coat!


Now that winter is supposedly on the way, a lot of the fashion retail stores are launching their Autumn/Winter 2016 collections. Some of the stuff is SUPER CUTEĀ but sadly I can’t buy anything. I have a wardrobe full of winter coats and jackets already and its never cold enough here to wear them. It does get a lot colder in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart which is why Australian winter collections have lots of coats and jackets in them. I just can’t justify spending so much money on something that I may only wear once all year. The jackets I bought in the UK weren’t cheap, but I practically lived in them during winter and I certainly got my monies worth. I have worn my pink Next coat a few times since being back in Perth, but its never been cold enough here to wear my Purple or Black coats which makes me sad.

Here are some of the super cute winter coats that are in stores at the moment, that I will NOT be buying šŸ˜¦


I am seriously in love with thisĀ Delphi CoatĀ from Review and theirĀ Lovella CoatĀ is gorgeous. I want them both – If only we had winter here.


I’ve never owned a “wrap” coat before, but I came across theĀ kirsty wrap coatĀ from Forever New and fell in love. Isn’tĀ it pretty? They also have a super cute single breasted coatĀ that would look fab over skinny jeans and boots –Ā I would so buy them – If only we had winter here.


I think this post clearly demonstrates that I love coats, its one of the many things I miss about the UK. I loved the fact they had an actual winter and you get to wear fabulous coats and jackets – The fact they only have about two weeks of summer a year was a little bit depressing though. I guess you can’t have everything.

But oh how I love that pink Delphi coat!!!!! šŸ˜¦






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