Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

On Saturday my friend Leah and I had a baking day, we made cupcakes, rocky road and watched Disney. It was such a fun way to spend an afternoon/evening. We will be doing it again soon!

I wanted to make something for Easter and to me, Easter means chocolate. I thought I would make what could quite possibly be the best chocolate cupcakes of all time. Big call I know, but they really are that good. They are an oil based cupcake and I got the recipe from my good friend and fellow blogger, Sarah. I have made these cupcakes so many times, and the recipe has never failed me. The only downside to these cupcakes is the batter needs to be made the night before, or at the very least a few hours before baking. But trust me, they’re worth it.



You can find the recipe on Sarah’s blog here

I decorated my cupcakes with some Cadbury’s Mini – Eggs and shredded coconut. But you can go town on the decoration, the possibilities are endless. You could even decorate them with butter cream frosting or maybe even a cream cheese frosting. I will definitely be making these again soon and trying out some different flavour combinations.


A word of warning, these cupcakes are very very very chocolatey! I love chocolate, a lot, but sometimes even I find the large cupcakes complete with chocolate ganache a little bit too much. So when I make them now I always make some full size cupcakes along with some mini ones. The mini ones are so good if you’re looking for a quick chocolate fix. Chocolate bite sized goodness, yum!



Just when I thought this recipe couldn’t get any better, the last time I made them I decided to freeze half of the batch (freeze them without any icing). It was so great having them in the freezer as they were perfect for a quick mid week dessert. After a quick zap in the microwave and topped a dollop of vanilla ice-cream you will be in dessert heaven. Just between you and me I have been known to drizzle a little bit of Bailey’s over mine 😛




Happy Baking!

I’ll post some pics of the Rocky Road soon.

And for anyone who is interested we watched Tangled, Frozen and Hercules while we baked 🙂



14 thoughts on “Easter Chocolate Cupcakes

  1. Mmmhh, those look good! – Can there ever be too much chocolate?!!
    I love Frozen and enjoyed Tangled, too, btw.

    Thank you for stopping by on my blog, today.
    Happy Autumn from Northern Germany to the other side of the globe!

    Much love,

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