Top Three Tuesday


One of my favourite things about reading blogs, is that a lot of them have regular weekly or monthly posts. It keeps the reader coming back on a regular basis and it’s also a great way to develop an audience. This is something that I have wanted to since starting my blog at the beginning of the year, but for some reason or another, never managed to get around to it.


So I thought I would give it a try this week.


Today is Tuesday – Welcome to my first ever Top Three Tuesday post. How exciting.


Each week I hope to list my top 3 things of the week, they can be products, events, websites, tv shows…. Anything 🙂


1.       Sally’s Baking Addiction


I came across Sally’s Baking Addiction a few weeks ago when I was looking for recipes and I loved it, but didn’t have the time then to really sit down and take it all in. I have finally found the time to sit down for a good hour or so and read through her amazing blog. She has such wonderful recipes that are accompanied by the most stunning photos. I have really been struggling in the photography department and I have found her posts on food photography extremely informative. I have a DSLR camera and I have a very very very basic idea how it works but I have been taking a lot of my photos on manual mode, personally I think that defeats the whole idea of the DSLR camera. I hope to increase my photography, editing and camera knowledge and I will continue to take photos of what I make, having someone like Sally out there who is willing to share her tips and knowledge is such a help. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest checking out her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Look how cute her photos are!!



2.       Disney Cards from Woolworths.


I know that I am in my 30s and that I don’t have any children, but for the last few weeks I have been collecting the Disney cards on offer at Woolworths. You’re never too old for Disney J  For every $20 you spend you get 1 pack that contains 1 card and 1 sticker. I don’t actually spend that much money on groceries so I was slightly worried as to how I would manage to complete the set. I have however figured out that depending on where you go, you will either get the required 1 pack per $20 or you can get up to 15 packs! Not going to lie, I may have changed my shopping habits over the last few weeks and go to the supermarkets that are a bit less strict with the handing out of cards. I am so close to getting a complete set, just trying to get hold a few more, the best part is that several of my friends (who are similar age and who don’t have kids) have also been collecting, we have been connecting on social media to find out who needs what. So hopefully we will be able to swap amongst each other and all be able to complete our sets.


I collected my first set of Disney cards when I was about 10. I remember having to buy packs of cards from the news agency with my pocket money. Through swapping with friends and neighbours I managed to get a full set of cards, slightly more difficult in the 90s with no smart phones or social media! The most recent movie in the set is The Rescuers Downunder, released in 1990, oh I feel so old.


IMG_3595 (1)
My first and my most recent Disney card collector albums


3.       Envy Jewellery


On the weekend my mum hosted an Envy Jewellery party for a friend of hers who has just started selling. I said I would go along in support and bring Cupcakes but probably won’t buy anything. Oh how wrong I was! The jewellery was sooooo pretty and I ended up buying a necklace from their My Moments collection. I bought the one necklace but I got several different charms to go in it, that way I could alternate them and have a completely ‘different’ necklace depending on what colour outfit I was wearing. I even managed to spend enough to receive their free gift, wooo hoo bonus!


I’m thinking of hosting a party in a few weeks for my friends and I’ve already picked out a theme. Disney, Pjs and chocolate! Sitting around with friends on a Friday night, in our pjs, listening to Disney music, eating chocolate and looking at pretty jewellery. HOW FUN!!!


 Thanks for reading my first Top Three Tuesday



What are your top three for Tuesday?




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