Lets fold scarves…..

Several weeks ago I posted about how I miss having a proper UK cold winter now that I’m back living in my home town of Perth, Western Australia. Over the past 24 hours Perth has had some lovely stormy, wet weather, which has made me think of the awesomely cold winters I had London. One of the main reasons I miss winter is because I love coats!! You can read about my love of coats here. If you’re wearing a coat, its generally cold enough to wear a scarf too. While it does get cool enough here to wear scarves, I don’t wear or own anywhere near as many as I did when I lived in London. Even in the middle of UK summer, I would always have a thin scarf screwed up in the bottom of my bag for those rather chilly British summer days.

I love colour, and during winter I used to hate seeing people wearing a black scarf, with a black jacket to me that just screaming BORING!! I always tried to wear bright colours, the weather in London was  dark and depressing enough without adding boring black to the every day wardrobe. If I was wearing a black coat, I always made sure I had on a bright scarf or sometimes if I had on either my pink or purple coats I felt it was ok to wear a dark coloured scarf. It somehow made a dull winters day more cheery.

Here are some of my many London scarves.


Black coat – Light pink scarf. Notice the daffodils? The middle of spring and I’m wearing a coat and scarf – I don’t miss that element of the British climate!


Grey coat and my trusty light pink scarf (and super warm pink fluffy hat)  I was freezing my bottom off in this pic!

392660_10150939263970697_530795517_n (1)

My all time favourite light pink trench coat meant it was OK to wear a black scarf (according to me :P)



Purple coat – White scarf. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this scarf, it was so long and soooooo warm. I think I have it wrapped around at least twice in this pic



Grey cardigan – Pink scarf.I think it was close to summer in this pic, but still cool enough for a thin scarf.



Purple jacket, Pink jumper – Pink and purple scarf. Colour coordination 😛



Compared to winter in the UK, winter in Western Australia is extremely mild and as a result there are a lot more thin, light weight scarves in the shop. I really don’t need any more, but here are some super cute ones I’ve seen in stores at the moment.


228057_back_s (1)


Butterfly Bright



Textured Diamond



Soft Floral Print



Rose Gold Bird Print


So many scarves, so little cool weather to wear them!

I think we still have a few more weeks of warm weather to go until we reach the cooler, winter temperatures. Maximums in the 20c’s rather than the 40c’s. Definitely not coat weather, but I will be sure to wear a scarf or two 🙂





Gotta love Romy and Michele 🙂





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