Top Three Tuesday


Hello friends, and welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday.

The four day weekend has completely thrown me this week and Tuesday seems to have caught me completely by surprise. As I write this, Tuesday is almost over, however if you’re reading in another part of the world Tuesday is just beginning, and that means I’m on time!! But hey, I’m not complaining – its a four day working week this week.

  1. Easter Card

We had a busy Easter Sunday. We started at Ben’s sisters house for brunch and then made our way down to my parents house for lunch. All I did for the day was eat….. My brother and his family were there and my nephews had made Easter cards for everyone. My 8 year old nephew gave Ben and I the cutest little card he made himself. I loved it πŸ™‚

2. AFL

The 2016 AFL season is under way with round one starting over the Easter weekend. I have been following football since I was in high school and I’ve always had the one team. My team is the mighty West Coast Eagles. The Eagles had a great start to the season with an awesome win over Brisbane in round 1, lets hope they can get another win under their belts in round 2.



3. Our Queen at Ninety

I love the British Royal Family. I always have and I think I always will. I was born and raised in Australia, but my mother and her family are from the UK. I think that is why I have such soft spot for them. Now I’m not going to get into any kind of debate about if Australia should become a republic or not, I just wanted to say that I think Her Majesty, The Queen is an amazing woman, the longest reigning monarch in history – impressive! Over the weekend I watched the ITV documentary, Our Queen at ninety, that was filmed in honour of her 90th birthday. You may not like her, or you may think royal families are out dated, but you cannot deny what she has done, she has dedicated her life to her country and the Commonwealth.



Thanks for stopping by to check out my Top Three Tuesday. I will try and be more organised next week and get my post up earlier.






3 thoughts on “Top Three Tuesday

  1. Glad you had a lovely Easter weekend. We don’t have Easter Monday anymore in most of the US so it’s a regular working week. The Easter card was marvelous. I am assuming the AFL is the Australian Football League (soccer, we would call the game!), and long live the Queen. She’s been through a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a good week!


    1. I hope you had a lovely Easter too. A lot of places in Australia open on the Monday, mainly retail. I’m so happy to not be in retail anymore. Four day weekends are the best.
      AFL is the Australian Football League, but its not soccer. Its our own unique brand of football. Most other countries try and watch it and just don’t get it! πŸ™‚

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