Top Three Tuesday

Hello Friends, and welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday.

Today is a great day, normally Tuesday’s aren’t my favourite day of the week, as Friday seems sooooo far away, but this week Tuesday is Friday! I am on annual leave this week from Wednesday – Friday. Ben and I are headed down south for a few days for my birthday week. We both really need some time away. We both worked over Christmas and New Years, we haven’t had time off together in about a year and the last few weeks we’ve both had frustrating things happen in our jobs. I cannot wait for some time away, its going to be so good. I’ll be sure to post some pics of our trip when we get back. But moving along to this week’s Top Three Tuesday.

  1. Disney Pandora

I am a big big fan of Disney, I have loved Disney movies and their soundtracks my entire life, If you’ve read some of my Top Three Tuesday posts before you will have noticed I’m a Disney fan. I also love jewellery and right now I am loving the new Disney Collection from Pandora. They’ve had Disney Charms for a while now, but just the other day they released new Frozen charms. I LOVE FROZEN. I have hinted to the birthday fairies that I would love some Frozen Disney Pandora Charms for my birthday and I think they have listened. How exciting 🙂



2. Top Gun T-Shirt

A few weeks ago I picked up a super cute Top Gun t-shirt from Kmart. I wore it for the first time on Saturday and I love it! I bought a size bigger than what I normally would get, just so it was a little on the big side and I had room to move. I’m so glad I did, it was soooo comfy. I used to watch Top Gun all the time when I was in high school so much so, I think I wore the video out. Starting to show my age now!! I really should buy a copy on DVD and watch it again. Especially that volleyball scene #drool



3. Black Tie Birthday Party

Earlier in the week I had the joy of opening the letter box to find a fabulous birthday party invitation to a friends 30th birthday party. It was SOOO nice to open up the mail box and receive mail that wasn’t a bill. I had received a facebook “Save the Date” invite, but I love the fact she also sent out actual invites. A lot of people are having themes for birthdays and other various events, with fancy dress, 70s, 80s, movies etc being some of the popular ones. My friend is having a “Black Tie” event – Ooooo how fancy! I have absolutely nothing to wear though LOL I don’t own a long gown, or a ball gown. I think I will have to dress up one of my shorter cocktail length dresses. Can’t wait to see what every one else is wearing! How very Downton Abbey 🙂

IMG_3867 (3)


So that’s this weeks Top Three Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by. I just have to get through work today and then I’m on holidays. In case you couldn’t tell – I’m so excited!!! 🙂





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