Birthday Mini Break – Part 1

Earlier this week, Ben and I headed down south for a few days for a much needed mini break. We both really really really needed some time away and we both feel so much better for it.

When tourists visit Australia, WA isn’t usually on their to do list and that’s a shame. We are a tad isolated, I admit that, but if you’re headed to Australia, head over to WA, it’s well worth the effort. Dunsborough is less than 3 hours from Perth but it feels like another world, I absolutely love it down there. Its pretty little sea side town, with great little cafes, bakeries and shops. One of the main draw cards is its proximity to the Margaret River wine region.

Here is just a little re-cap of our fabulous little mini break.

Our mini little holiday started on Wednesday morning, which was also my birthday! Our first stop of the day was in Busselton. After a short walk along the foreshore we headed to The Goose for a yummy lunch then headed back in the car for the short drive to Dunsborough.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Foreshore

As Dunsborough is only a short drive from Busselton, it was too early to check into our hotel. We decided to stop off a Simmo’s for some ice-cream and some mini golf! At this point in time I was SOOOO happy it wasn’t school holidays. Simmo’s is a great place for families and kids but as it wasn’t school holidays we pretty much at the place to ourselves. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

IMG_3915 (2)
Action shot!

Lovely day and no one else around


So yum!

After a really fun round of 18 hole mini golf, followed by some super yummy sorbet and ice-cream, we headed a few minutes down the road to our hotel.

We stayed at Wyndham Resort and it was lovely. It was the first time we had been there, the photos and the reviews online looked great, but I’m always a little nervous staying somewhere for the first time. It turns out I had no reason to be, the hotel was LOVELY. Its in a great location, right next to the beach and our room was gorgeous.


Our gorgeous room
Even though it had been a long day, once we had arrived in our room and unpacked I really wanted to stretch my legs with a walk along the beach. It was a beautiful cool autumn evening, I just love the beaches here in WA. Best in the world if you ask me!!

As it was my birthday we were planning to head out somewhere nice for dinner, however we were both completely knackered! We decided to stay in the room, order room service, soak in the spa and relax. It was a great way to end a great day!

If you’re not completely bored of my holiday pics, be sure to stop back tomorrow to see what we got up to on day 2!




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