Top Three Tuesday

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s Top Three Tuesday, even though its now Wednesday  😦


Last week was a great week, I only worked two days, and spent the remainder of the week down south with Ben for my birthday. If you want to check out what we did and where we went you can read my re-cap 1 and re-cap 2. It was such a fun few days but sadly now, I’m  back at work and back into the swing of everyday life but dreaming of my next little mini-break.


  1. The fancy ballet studio

On Saturday morning I had my usual 9am ballet basics class. Normally we take class in one of the smaller studios at the ballet centre. However this week we had class in the really big studio. I love this studio, it is where the company take their morning class and its also where they stage small workshop type performances. Its such a great space, I felt so great taking class is such a lovely studio. I felt like a real ballerina 🙂


ballet studio


2. Disney Pandora and birthday presents

I love having birthdays – I don’t like the getting old part, but not going to lie I love getting presents. I know it sounds superficial and self centred, but its true. I do love giving presents to people for their birthdays and Christmas too, I just love presents!! This year my family out did themselves with my presents. All of the Disney!! Disney Pandora, Olaf birthday card and my sister in law gave me a gorgeous Cinderella print she made herself. Love it.



3.   Bones

Its been a while since I watched Bones , but in the last week or so I’ve become hooked once again on this great little show. As I love a good TV Binge I haven’t been watching it when its on TV. I always wait until the season has finished so I can watch multiple episodes at a time. I must admit I was surprised when one of my favourite characters died in the season I’m watching (see, no spoilers!), I hadn’t been following it online or social media, so it was a complete shock to me. I did have a little bit of a cry during a few scenes!! If you haven’t watched Bones, now is the time to get on board. You have about 10 season ready and waiting for you to binge watch your days away. Winter is coming – Perfect binge watching weather 🙂




See you next Tuesday – Or maybe even Wednesday 😛







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