Top Three Tuesday


Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Top Three Tuesday.


Its a short week here Australian this week as yesterday was ANZAC Day. If you missed my post about ANZAC Day and the ANZAC Biscuits I made you can read it here.

  1. Ice Age Live!

On Sunday I went to see Ice Age Live with my three nephews. I had previously taken them to see Disney on Ice, but there were too many princesses in it for their liking 🙂 When I saw that Ice Age was coming to Perth and being performed on ice I thought it would be perfect for them. As a whole I didn’t love the show, I am much more of a Disney on Ice kinda girl, I love the skating, the pretty costumes and all the Disney music. This show didn’t have a lot of figure skating but it did have fabulous big puppets of all the main characters which my nephews loved! The middle and little nephews enjoyed it the most and overall it was a great fun day out!


2.  New little black dress

Every female needs a little black dress, or two in their wardrobe. I have put on a little bit of weight in the last year or so and the few that I have no longer fit. Plus I have had some of them for years, they were starting to look a bit old and faded. I went shopping on the weekend and found the most fabulous little black dress! Being tall and long in the body (I’m 6ft) I struggle with a lot of dresses, especially those with a defined waist line, or those that come with a belt as its NEVER in the right spot for me. Review is one of my favourite brands, but a lot of their dresses just don’t fit me 😦 Late last year I found the perfect dress for me in Review,  with no defined waist, great length and it is a classic 1950s style. So you can imagine my joy when the dress now comes in black! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this style of dress on me, it is so flattering and most importantly its super comfy.

I don’t think the floral dress is still in stock, but the black one sure is. You can find it here


3.  Will & Grace

Over the long weekend I started watching Will & Grace again from the beginning. OMG I had forgotten what a truly wonderful show this is. I can’t believe how long ago the 90s were, as I was watching I did cringe at some of fashion choices 🙂 Sometimes I think the 90s were only 10 years ago. If you haven’t seen Will & Grace before and you love shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory etc. Do your self a favour and check it out. Oh how I love a good TV Binge watching session!



Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next week 🙂






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