Top Three Tuesday


Hi everyone and welcome to my top three for this week.

I’ve had a few days away from blogging as I managed to catch the horrid germs that were doing the rounds in my office. It was a cold that went straight to my head and sinuses. It was not a fun few days. Even though I don’t like it when people come to work when they’re really sick, I was one of those people on Friday. Being a Friday and also end of month I didn’t think it would go down too well if I called in sick. So I dragged myself out of bed and went to work. Just about everyone I saw seemed to delight in telling me how crap I looked….. I lasted until around 1pm and then headed home. I spent the next few days on my sofa, under a blanket binge watching Will & Grace. As a result I didn’t manage to do any baking this week which makes me sad. But, as its Mothers Day this weekend and I also have some friends coming over on Friday I will be back in the kitchen this week and I will be blogging about what I make soon.

Anyway, back to this weeks top three.

  1. Kimono Tea Cup

When you’re not feeling well everyone seems to tell you to make sure you drink lots of warm drinks. I drank a lot of Lemsips over the weekend. As I’m not a big tea or coffee drinker I don’t get to use my Kimono tea cup from Maxwell and Williams very often. It got a lot of use over the weekend. As I wasn’t feeling the best, I stayed home from ballet on Saturday morning. This is how I spend my Saturday morning instead…..




2. Twinkle Berry Tea

On a similar theme to number 1, is my number 2 for this week. On Sunday night I was starting to feel a bit better so I decided to skip the Lemsip but I still wanted something nice and warm to drink. In the back of my cupboard I found a box of Twinkle Berry Tea from T2. I forgot it was even in there. It is SOOO yum and it was just what I needed. You can also drink it as an iced tea in the warmer months too, I can’t wait to give that I try!! Plus I got to use my tea cup again 🙂


3. Captain America: Civil War

On Sunday I was starting to feel a bit better and was getting a serious case of cabin fever, so Ben and I decided to head to the movies. Captain America had only come out on Thursday but I had been hearing really good things about it. WOW what a great movie. I loved every minute of it. Yes its a super hero movie and yes it has lots of CGI, but its also really funny and relatable. We saw Superman v Batman a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty meh…. Captain America is awesome!!


Thanks for stopping by, see you next week 🙂


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