Top Three Tuesday

Hi there and welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday.


It was Mothers Day here in Australia over the weekend and we celebrated with an afternoon tea with my parents and my extended family. My aunty has always hosted Mothers and Fathers Day lunches, but as our family has grown and her small unit hasn’t, we have recently opted for an afternoon tea and it seems to be working well.


  1. Mothers Day presents.

This year I bought my mum a DVD of a movie I loved and I know that she will too. I know my mum 😛 She loves British movies/TV series, loves period/costume dramas and has always loved the Royal Family. So when I saw A Royal Night Out last year it just screamed “mum movie!” . For the second part of her present I will take her to see Florence Foster Jenkins on the weekend. It looks like so much fun!


2.  Raspberry Crumble Slice

Keeping with the Mothers Day theme, I made the yummiest crumble to take to the afternoon tea. It was so nice to get back to baking, I have had cold after cold after cold, which has turned into a sinus infection so I haven’t been baking as much as I would like.  I will post some more pictures and the recipe later in the week, but the slice and also the pics I look are a definite favourite of the week. Super proud of both.




3. Forks!

I have been doing a lot of photography research online, looking at as many baking and food blogs as I could trying to get some styling ideas. I’ve started to make some lists of things I need to buy but also I’ve been going through my cupboards and drawers to see what I have. I found something wonderful…. my late grandmothers silver cutlery set. I unwrapped it from the newspaper and not surprisingly it was black and discoloured. I didn’t have any silver cleaner, only bi carb and vinegar, but I managed to get a few of the forks cleaned up. Can’t wait to clean the rest up!



Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!




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