Top Three Tuesday

Hello and welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday.

As usual its a slightly random mix of things this week.

  1. Fruit Pastilles

I love love LOVED this when I was living in London. Every time I did my food shop at the local Sainsbury’s I would pick up a packet. They are pretty much sugar on top of sugar and I LOVE them. Ben and I were grocery shopping over the weekend and the store we were in had a British section. I spotted these and immediately grabbed a pack. I then noticed the price and nearly cried – SO expensive 😦 I didn’t care, I still bought them ate them all and I don’t regret it one bit!


2. Disney

My mum bought me the most fabulous top the other day from Kmart and I love it! It is soooo me. If you’ve read some of my blog posts before you will know I am a big Disney fan. Keeping in with the Disney theme, my friend has offered me her spare ticket to Disney on Ice when it comes to Perth next month. I am so excited. I’ve seen Disney on Ice before and LOVED it, but didn’t buy tickets this year because of bills and having a mortgage and generally just being an adult, I made the decision not to go. So happy to be going and so grateful to my friend for offering me her spare ticket. YAY Disney PS the bowl in the pic above is actually a Frozen bowl with Elsa and Anna on it 😛



3. Strawberries

As the weather here is cooling down and the sun isn’t as harsh, my garden has started growing again. You can click here to see a little tour of my garden. I am loving that my strawberry plants are starting to grow fruit again. They really suffered during the summer and any fruit that would grow would burn almost instantly. I even had to put up some shade cloth to keep them alive. I have taken the shade cloth down and they are enjoying the autumn rain and sunshine. Can’t wait to eat them!




Thanks for stopping by!

See you next time 🙂



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