Top Three Tuesday

Oh hi there! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to this week’s Top Three Tuesday. It turns out I have a bit of a theme happening this week. This week its all about Baking and Cake!! That’s not at all surprising really, considering how much I love baking and cake!! 🙂


  1. Saturday Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea

On Saturday morning I hosted a morning tea for a few girls I went to high school with. I hadn’t seen some of them for a few months so it was lovely to have gossip and a catch up. I love hosting morning/afternoon tea as it means I get to use my pretty Kimono cake stand and tea set. On my cake stand is scones, white chocolate and cranberry cookies and Corn and Bacon Mini Quiches


We ended up having so much food  (everyone brought something different) that I messaged my mum after the girls had left and invited her over for afternoon tea to help me eat it all. Mum and dad headed over at about 2pm (the girls left around 12.30) and we spent the afternoon pretty much eating the rest of the food. I literally ate cake all day!!


2. Naked Cake

My friend Lisa brought the most fabulous mini naked cakes for morning tea. They were divine. I really need to get the recipe. They were super sweet but OMG SO YUM!!! They were filled an insanely good cherry filling and topped with pistachios and dusted with icing sugar. At the end of the day there was one remaining cake left. Wearing my super cosy winter PJs I sat on the sofa, put on a BBC period costume drama and ate the last of the yummy naked cakes. Perfect Saturday night in. So good.




3. Scones

Rounding out my top three for the week and keeping with the baking theme… is scones! I baked a batch of scones for my morning tea on Saturday and they turned out so good. I was super impressed. Although I must admit, I’ve yet to stuff up a batch of scones (Touch wood) I have had cupcakes that sunk in the middle, pastry that ended up more like shortbread, biscuits that were raw in the middle and burnt on the outside, but so far I have managed to bake perfect scones every time. I used the traditional method to make these. I’ve never made “Lemonade Scones” but friends have been raving about how easy they are to make and how good they taste. I think I may have to give them a try. I’ll post some more pics and the recipe for the scones I made later in the week. This is just a quick snap from my iPhone.




So thats it for this week’s Top Three Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by.

See you all next week. 🙂



Corn and Bacon Mini Quiches

I have always had a massive sweet tooth. For as long as I can remember I have always picked chocolate over cheese, sweet biscuits over savoury crackers etc. The same goes for baking, I love making cupcakes,  cookies, cakes and biscuits but very rarely make anything savoury, I thought it was time that changed. A few weeks ago I made some mini quiches to take to a quiz night and they turned out better than I had expected. I was rather impressed with myself. Who knew I could bake savoury things – I sure didn’t.

I read through several recipes and they were all very similar and straight forward and I thought – I can do this! However, making pastry from scratch was a step too far- I didn’t have time for that. Yay for shortcrust pastry sheets straight from the freezer.


Corn and Bacon Mini Quiches




3 sheets of frozen ready-rolled shortcrust pastry

4 eggs

1/4 cup of cream

4 green onions, sliced thinly

250g can of creamed corn

1/2 grated cheese

4 rashes of bacon, chopped into small pieces





Pre-Heat oven to 180C fan-forced. Grease two 12-hole round based patty pans. Using a medium (approx 7cm) round cutter to cut out 24 round pieces from the pastry. Press the pastry pieces into the greased pans.

Whisk the eggs, cream and corn in a medium sized jug. Then add the onion and bacon stir to make sure the onion and bacon doesn’t all sink to the bottom.

Pour mixture into your pre prepared pastry cases, making sure to not over fill the cases (some of mine were slightly over full – ooops!!)

Sprinkle cheese on top.

Bake for 13 to 15 minutes or until golden in colour. As I’ve mentioned before my oven has hot and cold spots, so I always make sure to turn my trays half way through to ensure an even bake.

Allow quiches to cool in the trays for 10mins then transfer to a cooling rack. You can eat them warm or cold. They’re super tasty either way.



Recipe adapted from Corn Mini Quiches from


I’m hosting a morning tea over the weekend with some girl friends from high school so I’ve been busy baking today and I can’t wait to post some more recipes and pictures soon.

Photography is slowly improving, I still think I need to get a tripod. I was hoping to get out today and look at some, but my day got away from me. Maybe over the weekend…


Until next time.

Happy baking 🙂



Top Three Tuesday


Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Top Three Tuesday


1.Mini quiches


Last week I was heading to a quiz night and I wanted to make sure I took something other than the usual chips and chocolate to nibble on during the evening. I wanted something slightly healthier and more filling, so I whipped up a batch of mini quiches. Oh my goodness they were so good, I couldn’t be bothered making my own pastry so I used a few sheets of frozen shortcrust pastry, meaning not only were they super yum they’re also super easy to make. I did end up making a lot so I froze about a dozen of them to keep on hand for another quiz night or morning tea. I’ll post some proper pics and the recipe soon. This is just a quick pic I snapped before putting them all away.




  1. Wine Barrels


I have been wanting to get some half wine barrels to have in my garden for ages. Every time I go to Margaret River or out to the Swan Valley a lot of the wineries and restaurants are using old wine barrels as plant pots. I love this look so much. I have seen a few for sale at nurseries and also at hardware centres, they looked nice but they have been made specifically to sell as plant pots, they had never seen grapes or a drop wine in their life. Not what I was looking for. A friend from work told about some she had found on Gumtree, they were authentic Margaret River wine barrels, that were still stained with red wine – just what I was looking for!! I picked mine up the other day and I love them. Plus they smell amazing 🙂 We had a lot of rain here the other and I hadn’t got around to drilling drainage holes in the bottom yet – I turned water into wine 😛



  1. Finding Dory!!



I have been waiting forever for this movie to come out. I absolutely loved Finding Nemo and along with the rest of the world I am amazed it took them so long to release a sequel. There have been sequels to Cars, Monsters Inc., Planes and Toy Story but never Nemo, until now. There have been so many funny meme’s online regarding Finding Dory and these are just a few of my favourites and they pretty much all relate to me 😛 I hoping to go see it over the weekend, preferably late in the evening when all the kids have gone to be or Gold Class which isn’t designed for a lot of kids – see below.





P.S In the quiz night I went to last week, they had a Pixar round – Guess who got 10/10?? 😛 As I post this I am just about to head out the door to another quiz night. This one is at a pub though with $15 Steak and chips. Woo Hoo  🙂 Fingers crossed they have a Pixar round at this one too 😛