Autumn Leaves


. Its officially winter down under, although someone forgot to tell mother nature as it was blue sky, sunshine and 22C today. So much for winter!! I love autumn, it was my favourite season when I was leaving in London. It was my favourite because I loved watching the leaves on the trees change colour and then fall to the ground. I had so much fun skipping through all of the fallen leaves in Green Park.

Australian natives don’t lose their leaves in the autumn. They are the same dusty green colour all year round. Don’t get me wrong, there are some stunning native plants here, but they are completely different to those in the northern hemisphere.


Skipping through leaves in London. SO much fun.

There is a park in Kalamunda and just about all of the trees within the park lose their leaves. Clearly they’re not natives, but they’re clearly very pretty. I took my camera up there and snapped some pics of all the pretty colours! I have been meaning to posts these pics for a while now, finally got around to it.





Such pretty colours! Our very own piece of the northern hemisphere, right here in the Perth hills!





9 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. I just LOVE autumn and your pictures remind me just how much. I am an American living in New Zealand and it is truly one of the things I miss the most – those stunning colours when the seasons change. You do still see it here and there but it’s not the same definite season change. Sometimes I go outside and tell my husband I can “smell winter coming” and I complain that it should be snowing not raining haha. Anyways, thank you. Your pictures capture what I feel like we should be seeing everywhere this time of year! x

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