Top Three Tuesday

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday. I have had such a great week it was super hard just picking three things!

  1. 200 Follows

Firstly I thought I would start with something that made me super happy. My blog has achieved over 200 follows! When I started writing it I thought a few of my friends and family would read it, but it was more for me, a sort of an on-line diary, a place I could post recipes and photos and in years to come be able to look back at them. I never imagined so many people would enjoy reading what I post. I truly honoured every time someone follows my blog or leaves me a comment. Thank you all so much.



2. Disney on Ice

On Sunday I went to see Disney on Ice at Perth Arena. I have been the last three years and have loved every single one. I must say however, this year was the best yet! I love love loved it. They had sections from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen and they were wonderful. When we went three years ago, all the little girls in the audience came dressed as their favourite princess, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Sleeping Beauty were the favourites. This year it was Elsa after Elsa after Elsa!! Every now and again there would be an Anna and I did spot one really cute little dude in an Olaf onesie. SO CUTE! I loved the Frozen section, it was so well done and it even snowed. The cast were amazing, a few of them had a tumble or too, but they jumped straight back up with a massive smile and kept on going, their level of skill was truly impressive. I can’t wait to go again next year.





3. Whiteman Park

It was a long weekend here in Perth this week, Monday being a holiday for WA Day. Yay for long weekends! A few weeks ago I discovered a really awesome dog park here in Perth located in Whiteman Park. I had read about it on-line and it sounded perfect for Ben’s dog Ellie. The weather wasn’t great on Monday, but we made the effort to head out and see what it was all about. If you’re ever in Perth you should check out Whiteman Park. So many things to do and see. Dogs are allowed in the park but they need to be kept on a leash, but in the dog park they are allowed to run free. The area is fully fenced off from the rest of the park and they even have a section just for little dogs too. Ellie had the best time and I’m sure it won’t be long until we take her back again. She was having such a great time making new friends it was hard to get a pic of her. Here are some really  bad pics. Ellie is the brindle.




Thats it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and see you next week.


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