Top Three Tuesday

Hello and welcome to this weeks Top Three Tuesday


I know its Wednesday for a lot of you, but sadly my laptop updated itself to Windows 10 and we’re having some creative differences. I want it to work, it doesn’t want to work…..

I’m being rather naughty and posting this from my work computer. 😛


  1. The Tony Awards

First up this week is one of my favourite days of the year… Tony Awards Day!!! The Tony Awards were held on Sunday night – Monday morning Australia time. I am a bit of a musical theatre nerd, I’d say about 80% of my music is cast recordings with the rest being Disney and 90s music, I love all things Broadway. This year James Corden hosted for the first time and I thought he did a really great job. Hamilton was the star of the night and rightly so, one of the most amazing cast recordings I have ever heard. Also if you haven’t seen the broadway version of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, do it now. You need to see it. One day more!!!!!!


2. Strawberry Oreo Chocolate

This could be my new favourite chocolate. If you know me you know I have a massive sweet tooth. I love chocolate!! Oddly though I have never been a fan of Oreo biscuits, not sure why but by themselves but I’ve always felt them to be rather overrated. I love strawberries and strawberry flavoured chocolate so I thought I would give Cadbury’s new Strawberry Oreo chocolate a try…. so glad it did, it is amazing. The Oreo’s are crushed up in a strawberry centre and the whole thing is covered in Cadbury milk chocolate. What’s not to love??


3. Life according to Kelly – Now on Facebook!

The other week I created a Facebook page for my blog and its going really well. I’m really enjoying scrolling through all of my favourite baking and cooking pages and reposting some fabulous new recipes. I can’t wait to try them all out. Click here if you want check it out.


See you all next week – fingers crossed Windows 10 and I manage to sort out our differences by then.





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