Happy 3rd Birthday to my house!!

Today was a big day, my little house turned 3!! I really can’t believe how fast time is flying, the year leading up to moving in felt like the longest year of all time but now the years are just flying by.

I decided to build just by chance. I was browsing through real estate websites a few years ago when I came across an ad for house and land packages that were in the location I wanted and also within my price range. I sent off an email to the agent there and then, literally thinking that nothing would come of it. Boy was I wrong! By the end of the weekend I had put down a deposit.

I was living at home with mum and dad while my new house was being built which came in super handy as my new house is in the same suburb, I would stop by the block almost everyday on the way home from work. As a result I have hundreds of photos of the building process. Don’t worry I wont bore you all with them, I’ve just picked out a few of my favourites.

Getting reading to pour the concrete


I have a slab and I’m very excited.


The walls are up.


And the rendering and ceiling.





Finished product.




I love my little house so much and I’m super proud of what I have achieved. The day I got my keys was one of the happiest and scariest days of my life. I feel like such a grown up and I’m not sure how I feel about that šŸ˜›



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