Firstly, let me start with saying last week was one of the hardest and longest weeks of all time. Last week saw the end of the financial year here in Australia and the beginning of tax time. Joy….

I work in an office, an office where things need to be processed and finalised at the end of each month. Its always a rush (even though we know the end of the month happens every four weeks) and no matter how hard I try I can never make it run as smoothly as I would like. Last week was the end of the month of June, end of a quarter and end of financial year. It was  big week. Most days I was getting to work just after 7am and leaving around 6-7pm. My normal work hours are 8am – 4pm. I would get home from work and just crash on the sofa. After dinner I would scroll through my facebook newsfeed looking at yummy recipes and pictures of cupcakes thinking, I should really bake something. By then it would be about 9pm, too late for baking, so I was crawl into bed ready to start the next day at 5.30am when my alarm went off. The week finally ended and the weekend arrived. Awesome, I can do some baking – WRONG!!!! My oven has decided to break, insert epic sad face. I’m hoping to ring someone tomorrow to organise to have it fixed. Luckily I have some pics of a few recent bakes on my camera, so I will be able to post those for a little while. Hopefully it won’t take too long (or cost too much)  to fix. Well that’s enough rambling for now, this post is about scones…


A few weeks ago I hosted a morning tea for friends, and for me nothing says morning tea (or afternoon tea for that matter) more than a freshly baked batch of scones. I have been using the same recipe for years and it has never failed me. Its from one of my mums old Australian Woman’s Weekly cookbooks. She has had the book for as long as I can remember. We have both used the recipe so often it literally falls open at the right page each time. There is even some dried dough and flour stuck to the pages. Its a very well used recipe.

Sadly I didn’t have the book with me at my house. Even though I’ve made these scones dozens of time, I always like to have the recipe on hand to make sure I get the measurements right. I know “lemonade scones” are all the rage at the moment, but I’m a bit of an old fashioned girl and I wan’t to make my old fashion version. I headed on over to my ‘go to’ website for recipes in search of a basic scone recipe.


I have never stuffed up a batch of scones in my life, for some reason I’ve managed to make a pretty near perfect batch every time. I’m not saying I’m the next master chef or Great British Bake Off  champion – lots of things have gone wrong in my kitchen, just never scones. This time I was using a new recipe,so I was slightly nervous. But it seems I had no reason to be, my magic touch for making scones continues. They were so yum!!!! I will try Lemonade scones one day, but right now I’m pretty happy with this version. Click here for the recipe.


I topped mine with strawberry and blackberry jams and fresh cream. SO. GOOD!!


If you have any scones left he next day, you can put them in the microwave for a few seconds to warm them through before serving. Mine don’t normally last that long!




Until next time.

Happy Baking 🙂

(if you have a working oven!!!)


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