Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Nutella Buttercream.

Why hello there. Remember me 😛

It has been rather a long time since my last post. Sorry about that. I don’t really have a good excuse, just a series of silly little things that managed to get me side tracked. First my oven broke, then my laptop, then I got a new job which sent me to Melbourne for training blah blah blah.

My oven is now fixed and my fabulous bf, Ben bought me a new laptop so I’m back and Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting seemed like a great “I’m Back” post :). I have loved Sally’s baking addiction for some time now and when I saw her recipe for chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting I just had to make them.



I decided to top mine with a Ferrero Rocher, because lets face it, they are soooooo yum. I did consider baking a Ferreror Rocher into the cupcake but that just seemed a tad over the top for me. Now I must admit that I have been baking oil based cupcakes for a while now and I think they taste so much better than butter based ones (just my opinion, don’t hate me!). These cupcakes are butter based they are still super yummy but not as moist as my usual chocolate cupcake recipe. But if you’re pressed for time these are great, as you don’t need to make the batter the day before.


Click here for the recipe.


Just a short little blog post to say, yes I’m still alive and that I hope to go back to posting recipes and other random things that take my interest 🙂



Happy Baking 🙂



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