Chocolate raspberry tarts

If you’re looking for a super quick and easy dessert you’ve come to the right place. I have found the most amazing recipe for chocolate raspberry tarts. Since finding the recipe on Facebook just before Christmas I have made them on three separate occasions and each time they have received rave reviews. If you’re one of those people who say they can’t bake or cook, never fear you will be able to make this recipe, trust me. It has 6 ingredients, that’s right only ! Super quick, super yum.

Chocolate Raspberry Tarts


1) 300g Chocolate biscuits (I used Oreos)

2) 100g Butter

3) 300ml Thickened Cream

4)  300g Dark Chocolate

5)  Raspberries

6)  White Chocolate (to decorate)



Blitz chocolate biscuits in a food processor until they form crumbs.

Stir in melted butter

Spoon into a pre lined cupcake tray. The video I watched didn’t line the cupcake tray, but I find making them in the cases is sooooo much easier!

Press the biscuit mixture firmly into the cases including some up the sides of the case. Place the tray in the freezer for 10mins to set.

Break up the dark chocolate and place in a heat proof bowl. In a saucepan bring the cream to scalding point. Take off the heat and pour over chocolate. Using a whisk mix together until the chocolate is completely melted. Allow the chocolate filling to cool slightly, you still need it warm enough to pour but you don’t want to melt your biscuit base.

Take the cupcake tray out of the freezer and evenly pour or pipe the chocolate filling into each case. Gently place a raspberry on top and place in the fridge to set. I like to let my tarts set slightly before pouring over the melted white chocolate. But you can drizzle the white chocolate as soon as you’ve placed the raspberries.

And you’re done. How easy is that

Click here for the Facebook video from Proper Tasty.





These are super easy to make and can be made the day before just remember to take them out of the fridge shortly before you want to serve them so that the chocolate filling isn’t too hard.Today I made these for a friend’s baby shower, they melted slightly in the car on the way over and were rather sticky and messy to eat, but I’m told they still tasted amazing.



The first time I made them I followed the recipe and made the tarts in normal cupcake sized cases, I quickly realised that although they are super yum they are so super rich. I now make a few original sized tarts and also lots of mini bite sized ones, people seem to love the bite sized ones. Its seems to be just the right amount of chocoately goodness.


Today was also the first time I used my new tripod to take pictures. I am so happy to finally be able to control the light in my photos. Can’t wait to use it again




Until next time…..Happy Baking 🙂


Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Nutella Buttercream.

Why hello there. Remember me 😛

It has been rather a long time since my last post. Sorry about that. I don’t really have a good excuse, just a series of silly little things that managed to get me side tracked. First my oven broke, then my laptop, then I got a new job which sent me to Melbourne for training blah blah blah.

My oven is now fixed and my fabulous bf, Ben bought me a new laptop so I’m back and Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting seemed like a great “I’m Back” post :). I have loved Sally’s baking addiction for some time now and when I saw her recipe for chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting I just had to make them.



I decided to top mine with a Ferrero Rocher, because lets face it, they are soooooo yum. I did consider baking a Ferreror Rocher into the cupcake but that just seemed a tad over the top for me. Now I must admit that I have been baking oil based cupcakes for a while now and I think they taste so much better than butter based ones (just my opinion, don’t hate me!). These cupcakes are butter based they are still super yummy but not as moist as my usual chocolate cupcake recipe. But if you’re pressed for time these are great, as you don’t need to make the batter the day before.


Click here for the recipe.


Just a short little blog post to say, yes I’m still alive and that I hope to go back to posting recipes and other random things that take my interest 🙂



Happy Baking 🙂


Stranded: Famous People

Today I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for their Stranded series. I missed the first two but you can read my Stranded: Netflix post Stranded: Netflix here. It was actually my first ever link up and I loved it. I loved reading everyone’s posts everyone had so many great suggestions for TV shows, Gilmore Girls appeared to be the most popular, I’d say it appeared on about 80% of posts.

Stranded With

I guess you could go two different ways with this, you could either pick three people who were going to keep you alive and safe while you were on the island, or you could go with famous people you really wanted to hang out with, alone, with no interruptions. I of course chose the latter,

BUT, If I were to pick three people to help keep me alive, I would definitely pick this guy…

David Attenborough. This guy knows everything you could possibly want to know about mammals, reptiles, birds etc He would know if something was trying to kill us or not. Important!



And this guy…

Heston Blumenthal. Well we would need to eat. I’m sure he would be able to cook up something edible from what we have on the island.


We would also need somewhere to live, and who better to build a shelter than this guy…



Scott Cam. Aussie’s will know him as the host of The Block. He is a tradie and a builder, just who you need to build you a nice little shelter on your deserted island.


That’s one way of looking at it. Or here is another. 3 famous people who, like me probably have zero outdoor skills. But that’s ok.

Number one choice, hands down would have to be this dude….


Hugh Jackman. *sigh* just look at him, isn’t he the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to be stranded on a deserted island with this guy!! My love for Hugh has lasted decades, it started back in the 90s when he was singing musical theatre (Sunset Blvd and Beauty & the Beast) in Australia. Ours (mine) is a love that lasts a life time. He needs to be on that island with me 😛


Next up would have to be Dory herself, Ellen Degeneres. I think she is hilarious and also a wonderful and kind person. What she does for her viewers is amazing. She has given away so many holidays, cars, so much money. She makes people happy, she makes me happy.  I I think after being stuck on a deserted island for who knows how long, a little bit of happy will probably help stop me from completely losing my mind!



My third choice may seem a bit random, but its not that random – especially if you know me. Mainly because I want to be a Princess when I grow up (that or C.J from The West Wing).

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

images (1)

What I love about her, is that she grew up in Australia, you’re typical Aussie girl next door. Then, on an outing to the pub with friends, she met a Prince. Seriously she met a Prince in a PUB! They fell in love, got married had four children and one day will be Queen of Denmark!!! I need to sit down and chat with this girl!!


So that’s my extremely random mix of famous people I would love to be stranded on a deserted island with! Make of it what you will.

See you next time